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What is Paid Media / Online Advertising?

El Paid Media It is any means of digital advertising or internet advertising in which advertisers pay to publish their ads in the style of an advertising campaign. The way of advertising has changed dramatically; Before, we only had non-measurable traditional advertising models such as magazines, newspapers, TV and Radio, and in fact in the 90s and early 2000s with the emergence of the internet we saw online advertising models on websites, but always managed by the portal itself. or website where you paid to appear.

Today all this has changed, We have new and innovative channels or social media or paid social media where millions of users converge a day, who are thirsty to know your company, your products, your services and interact with them using SEM channels or Social Ads.

The Paid Media or online advertising allows to show a huge mass of users using the  social media ads or SEM your ads online with the speed and towards the correct audience, this generates a fully measurable multiplier effect, since on the Internet everything can be measured. Interactions, Engagement, Conversions and the main KPIs that will tell if your campaign performed well or not.

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