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In Panama, social networks have grown exponentially, becoming one of the tools most used by brands, companies or enterprises to promote their products, create communities and generate sales. Currently, the comparison between an advertisement on social networks and a billboard is being made, let’s say an advertisement for dog shampoo, anyone could bet on stating that a billboard in the middle of Calle 50 would have a greater reach or impact on the public than on networks social, without a doubt that’s the way it is, out of a thousand people who spend maybe 999 people see it, but what happens then in social media?

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At eComLab digital marketing agency in Panama, we know that although we must work hand in hand with traditional marketing methods, flyers, billboards, TV and radio advertisements, it would not be fair to disqualify the great impact that social networks and campaigns have. of digital marketing, as they come to be a complement to traditional marketing.
We would like to tell you about some important aspects about digital marketing, among which the investment ranges that go from $ 1 to millions of dollars stand out, this is what has set an interesting guideline in digital, going a little deeper, the subject of It is relevant to mention segmentation… Yes, that billboard on Calle 50 can be seen by 999 people out of 1,000 who pass through Calle 50, but of those 999 people, how many need a dog shampoo? Although the theme of “pet friendly” is in fashion and taking into account that the majority of “Millenials” prefer to have a dog or another pet instead of a child, this fence is like “throwing bullets into the air”, in digital, for Through segmentation we can know the interests, needs and aspects of the client and direct our product or service to those who really need it, creating useful content of interest to our audience or community.

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Social Media

According to hootsuite statistics for January 2019, the thing on social media in Panama was like this:

Facebook: 1.90 million active users
Instagram: 1.50 Million active users (And growing)
Twitter: 322.5k active users.
LinkedIn: 640k active users.

Facebook: Its purpose is to create a community of friends. Twitter: Seeks to keep the user updated and informed of trends and news. You Tube: Exclusively for video sharing. Instagram: Captivate audiences.

At eComLab we take advantage of these channels as means of programming and disseminating products or services, but in a dynamic and creative way… what is this called? Well, we say “The King” yes, the CONTENT. If your social networks do not have good content and a good network marketing strategy, you are fried!

Each of these networks have developed, in addition to their non-paid services (organic reach) such as accounts and profiles, paid guide formats with which you can leverage to create communities related to your business. This drives that content (The King) creative and makes it reach many more people by going viral.

These are the most relevant networks (Although it should be noted that You Tube also has a large number of users) So, this leads us to understand that people in Panama are consuming social networks a lot and sharing “El King” between videos, memes , creative photos and a lot of domestic tourism. Let’s look at some basic digital assets that you should start with.

Are you willing to lose potential customers and stay in the cave age thinking that the half-page, photocopied, poorly cropped flyer has the same impact today? Without a doubt in the 90’s yes, but now the digital age has come to stay and only those who take advantage of it will be able to generate more sales, more money, more friends, more communities and above all, you can help more people with their needs.

At eComLab we are experts in Digital Marketing, we segment, create and enhance your idea to reach your target audience, optimizing your budget and creating potential customers. If you have any questions or want to know more about our services, go to the contact tab or write us with pleasure we will assist you.